How to choose the best TAI system?

Publisert av Anna Mars, 13.aug.2020

Choosing the optimal irrigation system for each individual may dictate success and long-term adherence, but the choice can be overwhelming.

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How to read a scientific article

Publisert av Anna Mars, 09.jul.2020

Keeping up-to-date and determining the veracity of scientific articles and clinical documentation can be overwhelming, so we've put together a checklist to help the healthcare professional to judge:

  • How reliable the results are (the articles strengths, weaknesses and validity)

  • What they mean for you in your clinical work

In fact, for a scientific article to be deemed credible, certain data must be present. In this article, we provide an excerpt from the checklist.

Created by clinical professionals, this checklist outlines the criteria to look for when gauging the quality of a published study. Here's some of the topics covered:

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Emne: science alert, scientific article, clinical evidence